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Bothwell Electrical Services

As the world becomes more connected, it’s important to be able not only create great products but also communicate them effectively so people will buy what you’re offering! One of our favourite projects in this category was developing a modern brand and launching engaging social media pages for Bothwell Electrical Services – they are off on an exciting new journey ahead…

Solar Dynamix Uk

We’re grateful to have been Solar Dynamix’ digital marketing partner for the last few years. We’ve had an opportunity not only manage their successful campaigns but also work side by side with them as they grow into new markets and industries – all while providing email, social media communications strategies tailored just right!

Hooper Home Improvements

Hooper Home Improvements is a team of highly skilled professionals who wanted to launch their business online and showcase the fantastic range available. To do this, we created an attractive new website for them along with vibrant social media pages so that customers can find out more at any time!

Kai-Pro Health & Fitness

Kai-Pro is a small business that has launched in the last year. We helped them design an eye catching logo and create dynamic e-commerce stores so customers can buy their products from around the globe! In addition, we worked together on social media pages to promote this brand as well which continues monthly support for its success going forward

Pensions Refund Specialists

When PRS joined us as a new start up, we knew this would be an opportunity for them to establish themselves and become leaders in their industry. So it was no surprise when within 4 weeks they were generating leads through multiple online avenues from full website design & development with social media integration all under one roof; email marketing campaigns tailored just right based on data analysis specific demographics which increased opening rates significantly over similar competitors’ efforts…the list goes on!

Bothwell Blinds & Interiors

With a successful family run blinds company in the market, JMM was called upon to help them develop their brand and establish themselves on social media. The team completed all services within two weeks including creating innovative content for marketing purposes as well developing engaging social media accounts that have helped grow their customer base exponentially!

J3 Designer Clothing

J3 has established itself as a trend-setting destination for craveable fashion. With an e-commerce website offering over 1,000 products within four weeks and high converting marketing strategies that are sure to bring customers back again and again.

Platinum Home Improvements Scotland

With a tight deadline, the JMM team pulled off an impressive feat. They developed their website and logo to meet all of our specifications within 2 weeks!

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