When was the last time you reviewed your websites key performance metrics and traffic volumes?

If the answer to this is never or more than one month ago then join the masses of other business owners in the same boat. Why should you is a common question we here with various reasons from:

What’s the point my website runs fine as it is?

I don’t have the money for that?

Too busy to worry about my website.

I don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin but I know it needs done.

Any of these sound familiar?

By neglecting your website and leaving it stagnant you can cause the following problems to arise:

Security – By not updating software and SSL certificates to the latest versions you leave yourself open to data breaches.

Performance – A website can begin to lag and run slowly if you’re not keeping the cache fresh and monitoring its key performance metrics like LCP, TCT and CLS.

Outdated – Competitors who maintain their site keep their products and services vibrant and attractive and ensure any potential customers see accurate information.

JMM offer a variety of website support packages to suit our partners of all shapes and sizes and ensure they keep their biggest asset running around the clock.

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