Retrofit Battery Storage Installations in the UK are Now VAT Free!

0% VAT on all battery retrofit


Starting from 1 February 2024, the United Kingdom embarks on a significant leap towards sustainable energy, making a groundbreaking shift with the exemption of solar battery installations from Value Added Tax (VAT). This policy change, a reflection of the opens up a new chapter of opportunities for consumers, solar installers, and marketers. 


This expanded article explores the government’s rationale behind this decision, its impact on the solar industry, particularly focusing on marketing strategies and solar battery installers, and how to leverage this change in Meta and Google Ads campaigns.



Government’s Rationale Behind the VAT Exemption


Commitment to Climate Change Goals

The UK government’s decision to exempt solar battery installations from VAT is rooted in its ambitious climate change targets. By reducing the financial burden on consumers looking to invest in renewable energy, the government aims to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, encouraging wider adoption of solar energy.


Stimulating Green Economy

Another objective is to stimulate growth in the green economy. By making solar installations more affordable, the government anticipates creating jobs, encouraging innovation in green technologies, and fostering a sustainable economic model that can contribute to energy independence and security.


Enhancing Energy Security

Reducing VAT on solar batteries also aligns with the government’s strategy to enhance energy security. By promoting energy storage solutions, the UK aims to decrease its reliance on imported energy, stabilising energy prices and ensuring a more resilient energy supply.


Impact on Solar Battery Installers and their Marketing Strategies


Expanding the Customer Base

The VAT exemption is expected to significantly expand the solar market, providing solar battery installers with a broader customer base. This policy change lowers the entry barrier for households considering solar energy, thereby increasing the potential market for installers.


Leveraging the Policy in Marketing

Solar companies can leverage this policy change in their marketing strategies by highlighting the reduced cost of installations. Emphasising the VAT exemption as a key benefit in promotional materials can attract more customers looking to make their homes energy-efficient at a lower cost.


Utilising Meta and Google Ads


Crafting Compelling Ads

In the wake of this policy change, solar companies can use Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google Ads to target potential customers effectively. Crafting compelling ad copy that highlights the benefits of the VAT exemption, such as “Make the switch to solar energy now and save with VAT-free installations!” can capture the audience’s interest.


Targeting and Segmentation

Utilising the advanced targeting capabilities of Meta and Google Ads allows businesses to reach specific demographics likely to be interested in solar energy, such as environmentally conscious individuals, homeowners, and tech-savvy consumers. Segmenting these audiences and tailoring messages to their specific interests and concerns can increase engagement and conversion rates.


Utilising Keywords and SEO Strategies

Incorporating keywords related to the VAT exemption and solar battery installations into ad campaigns can improve visibility on search engines. SEO strategies, such as creating content around the benefits of VAT-free solar installations, can complement paid ads by driving organic traffic to the company’s website.


Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

Both Meta and Google Ads provide robust tools to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Solar companies can use these tools to track conversions, understand customer behaviour, and refine their strategies for even better results.




The VAT exemption on solar battery installations is a strategic move by the UK government to promote sustainable energy solutions, supporting its climate change goals and stimulating the green economy. For solar battery installers and marketers, this policy change opens up a wealth of opportunities to expand their market, enhance their competitive edge, and engage with customers through targeted advertising on platforms like Meta and Google Ads. As the industry gears up for this change, leveraging the VAT exemption in marketing efforts will be crucial in driving the adoption of solar energy across the UK.

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